4 Tried-and-True Tips for Traveling While Pregnant


This past weekend, Baby C had another “voyage,” a coastal California road trip! Antonio and I began in Monterey, passed through Carmel, Big Sur, and Pismo Beach, and finished our weekend with friends in Santa Barbara and Santa Monica. Here are some fun pix to get us started today. ūüôā

The beaches of Monterey are like nothing I've ever seen, full of wildlife and  deep teal waters.

The beaches of Monterey are like nothing I’ve ever seen, full of wildlife and deep teal waters.

The breathtaking views of Big Sur

The breathtaking views of Big Sur

Road trip selfie

Road trip selfie in the rental car

Posing in fairy wings at the Summer Solstice festival in Santa Barbara

Posing in fairy wings at the Summer Solstice festival in Santa Barbara

And as promised, here it is–the “sequel” blog post to last week’s “The Many Voyages of Baby C.” I will share 4 foolproof tips for traveling during pregnancy.

Traveling during pregnancy can be tricky, especially if you have certain unpleasant symptoms (i.e. 1st trimester morning sickness) or if you’re further along and are starting to feel as big and cumbersome as the plane itself. However, there are some universal tips to comfy–and healthy–travel during pregnancy, and I’m super-psyched to share them with you!

I’ve tried all of them, and they came in handy–especially during the monster marathon from Lebanon back to San Diego.¬†We had a 5-hour flight, a 3-hour layover, and finally a 10-hour flight. Cra-zy.

So, here they are–4 awesome tips for traveling while pregnant. I hope they help you during your next vacay!

Follow these travel tips, and you'll be full of energy when you get to your destination!

Follow these travel tips, and you might just be ready to dance the night away when you get to your destination!

  1. Hydrate – This seems like common sense, since you’re always supposed to drink plenty of water during pregnancy. However, in all the excitement of checking in, security, boarding, and flying, it’s easy to forget all about your 8 daily glasses of water. Staying hydrated throughout your journey will keep you much more comfortable, since it decreases the risk of edema, fluid retention, headaches, and dizziness. Plus, it will help to balance out that disgusting, dry, recirculated air on the plane. Well worth the extra bathroom breaks!
  2. Stretch frequently –¬†On my 10-hour flight, I got up every two hours–and not just to pee. I also did lunges, calf raises, and arm stretches. Stretching and exercise periods are beneficial for several¬†reasons: they get your blood pumping, prevent excessive swelling in the legs and feet, and give you something to look forward to, making the flight go by faster.
  3. Grab healthy snacks – Airport stores are notorious for selling un-nutritious convenience snacks¬†that are full of sodium and sugar–both things you should avoid before flying, and really all the time. Even the healthier options, like trail mix, are sold in ginormous bags that have about 8 servings. So unless you’re traveling with a companion (and no, your baby doesn’t count, wink, wink), don’t buy those. It’s¬†just too tempting to polish off a whole bag by yourself, and I don’t know about you, but I like to save my indulgences for yummy¬†restaurants once I’ve reached my destination! Instead, opt for snacks like yogurt, fruit, or Kind bars, and if you’re¬†eating a meal, strive for healthy options like salads, sandwiches, and low-fat wraps.
  4. Get some sleep –¬†We all know it’s easy to feel fatigued during pregnancy even on a normal day, so a long trip, especially over various time zones, can be disaster. Low-dose melatonin is okay to take during pregnancy. (As always, check with your own doctor before you try¬†it.) ¬†Melatonin regulates your light-dark cycle and lessens the severity of jet-lag. If you’re taking a long flight, especially an overnight one, sleep as much as possible. Also, try to sleep at the “nighttime” of whatever time zone you’re in, even if it doesn’t feel like night to you.

Moms-to-be out there, what works for you when you travel? I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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