10 Perks of Being Prego


We all know about the weirdisms of pregnancy, and the things we probably won’t miss at all once our babies are born. But it’s so important to be grateful for the amazing perks of being prego, too! At 27 weeks, my Baby C is definitely showing, and I was struck by how nice everyone was to me at the airport a few days ago. It really seems like the world softens toward us pregs.

There are so many awesome things about bump-flaunting! Here, I list 10 perks of being prego. 🙂

  1. The anticipation – I haven’t been so excited about something since Antonio and I were planning our wedding. There are names to pick out (we did that a long time ago, but the list is always open to evolution), a shower to plan, and so many cuuute things to look at and buy that if you’ve given Pinterest a break for a while, now is the time to return to it.
  2. Super-healthy hair, skin, and nails – The prenatal vitamins, combined with our natural hormone changes, lead to incredibly gorge hair, skin, and nails. The pregnancy glow is not a myth–it’s real, and reminds us that, right now, we are goddesses of life.
  3. Healthier lifestyle – I (almost) forget what a hangover feels like! That’s because pregnancy demands that we have a much healthier lifestyle, eating regular and nutritious meals, never missing a prenatal vitamin, exercising, and, of course, limiting and/or eliminating alcohol intake (see UK guidelines for alcohol in pregnancy). While I miss the round of cocktails with friends, I do feel incredibly healthy and hydrated 24/7!
  4. Gym cred – I was kind of dreading working out when I was obviously pregnant, and thought I’d feel cumbersome and bulky. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. I do the All-Belly Pregnancy workout 3 times a week with light cardio, and Prenatal Yoga twice a week, and when I’m lifting weights and using the machines with the guys, I feel like I have some gym cred. Working out has allowed me to retain much of my muscle tone, keep my posture straight, and feel confident about my changing body. And, as we all know, when we’re confident, everyone knows it. Just last week, a girl passing by grinned at me and said, “Work it, girl!” LOL.
  5. People are nice – As I mentioned earlier, people just soften like butter on the countertop when a preg is around. I’ve heard people say so many times that no one has any manners any more, but when you’re pregnant, everyone does! I’ve never had so many people hold open doors or offer to let me cut in line. Sweetness. 🙂
  6. Parking for expectant mothers – Certain malls and shopping plazas have special parking spots for expectant mothers. While I don’t mind walking–and actually encourage pregnant moms to get their exercise–these spots are an amazing perk when you’re shopping on a super busy day, like the 4th of July or Black Friday, and there’s no parking to be found.
  7. Deeper friendships with your mommy friends – When your friends have babies before you do, it can be hard to relate to discussions about diaper changes, night feedings, and vaccines. But when you’re about to join that exclusive Mommy Club, you suddenly feel engaged and involved in these previously boring topics. The convos will become deeper, and so will your friendships.
  8. Bringing family together – Everyone is excited about the baby, so a pregnancy is the perfect way to reunite your extended family despite their differences: at pre-baby events like your baby shower, and at all the special events after the baby is born.
  9. Feeling those kicks – Feeling the stir of life inside you is the coolest thing ever. It’s an indescribable feeling that only we pregs can understand. I love sharing every day with Baby C, knowing that (s)he can hear me talk, sing, and play piano, taste the food I’m eating, and exercise along with me (especially in yoga). I love introducing Baby C to family and friends, and seeing the delight on their faces when (s)he kicks. I feel like these prenatal bonding days are essential in creating a happy relationship with Baby C down the road.
  10. Deeper bond with your hubby – I saved the best few perks for last, as you can tell. 🙂 Creating a new life together is one of the most intimate and elemental things a couple can share. Sharing the almost-giddy anticipation, as well as the moments when you feel soooo yucky, strengthens the relationship with your SO. The look on Antonio’s face the first time he felt Baby C moving was priceless. I have loved sharing this journey with him, and feel like our love is stronger than ever.
Pregnancy is an awesome way to deepen your bond with your hubby!

Pregnancy is an awesome way to deepen your bond with your hubby! Here we are bump-flaunting last week 😉

Pregos out there, what are your fave aspects of your pregnancy? I’d love to hear what you think!


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