Planning a Gender Neutral Baby Shower: Part 1


Earlier this week, I officially crossed the 30-week line! Only 10 more weeks to go, more or less. Woohoo!

My favorite part of the 3rd trimester is definitely the anticipation–feeling those strong kicks and imagining how cute Baby C must look as (s)he swims and flips around. Antonio and I are soooo excited to get to know our baby in only 2 short months!

Baby C is a total mystery, because, as I mentioned in an earlier blog post, we opted not to find out the gender. I’ve reached the conclusion that I have none of that famous female intuition I’ve always heard about, since I’m not “feeling” whether Baby C is a girl or a boy. In my vivid and colorful preg dreams, I’ve seen Baby C as both genders (on different occasions, of course), so I’m absolutely no help.

Right now, Antonio and I are planning our baby shower for mid-August, and it’s been so much fun! We’ve opted for a couples baby shower, and invited both our girl- and guy-friends. The shower will start in the afternoon with some yummy catered food, and perhaps some BBQ on our grill, and will last into the night with an after-party. Shower planning reminds me a lot of wedding planning, except on a waaay smaller scale. And since I adored wedding planning, I’m having a field day organizing the baby shower!

Adorable gender-neutral baby shower image, courtesy of

Adorable gender-neutral baby shower image, courtesy of

A lot of people ask me how we’re planning for the baby without knowing the gender, and I think it’s super easy. Here are some tips for planning a gender neutral baby shower, such as what to include in the registry, decoration ideas, and cute favors!

  • We used Amazon for our registry. I am a huuuge fan of Amazon; I use it as a platform to publish my eBooks, I download Kindle Unlimited books constantly, and I order tons of hard-to-find items, often with next-day shipping on my Prime account. True, I may be just a bit biased, but I researched various baby registries and found that Amazon not only offers the largest selection of items, it also has hassle-free returns, quick shipping, and a wealth of reviews about each product, making shopping so much easier. Plus, the Amazon baby registry setup is extremely user-friendly with privacy settings that you can easily tailor to your needs, and it includes a checklist of different categories, so you don’t overlook anything important. It also simplifies writing thank-you notes, since you can click on the “Thank You List” section to find out who bought you each gift and access their addresses as well. We’ve already started to receive items from our registry, and it makes Baby C’s impending arrival seem so much more real!
  • We nixed the idea of the traditional pink and blue shower decor, and decided to go with yellow, white, and sea-foam green, with accents of silver. I ordered paper lanterns and hanging decorations from Oriental Trading Company, which is an awesome website for just about anything party-related. Our baby shower will be a Cali-style indoor-outdoor affair at our house, so we’ll be decorating the patio and the kitchen / dining room. I’m planning on lots of flowers–in the color scheme, of course–and “Welcome Baby C” on the lanterns in sparkly, silver letters. Plus, we’ll do some shimmery white outdoor lights to keep the party going after dark. I don’t want to ruin all the surprises, but I’ll be sure to post pictures of the decorations after the shower!
  • For favors, there are sooo many cute ideas on Etsy, Pinterest, and Oriental Trading Company’s “Shower Favor Ideas” section. I love the new chocolate-dipped marshmallow rattle trend, and the peas in a pod! Since we’re having a girls’ and guys’ shower, I’m in the process of devising the perfect unisex favors. 🙂

Pregos out there, what kind of baby shower are you having? Are you going the traditional route or trying something new? Are you doing a gender-neutral baby shower, or going with a super-girly or “little man” themed shower? I’d love to share in the fun with you!


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