Planning a Gender Neutral Shower Part 2: The Aftermath


Recently, I wrote a blog post about planning a gender neutral baby shower, and guess what? We just had the shower this past weekend, so now I can tell you everything I know about planning a gender neutral and fabulous soiree!

We decided to go the casual route: a backyard barbecue with about 20 guests. The theme was, of course, baby! Therefore, we had a platter of baby veggies (broccoli, carrots, tomatoes, etc), mini chicken drumsticks, baby burgers (aka sliders), and baby potatoes (aka tater tots). We also had the usual chips, crackers and hummus, exotic cheese plate, and my own personal favorite crabmeat avocados. Dessert was a baby watermelon and super-cute rattle pops made of Rice Krispies. I would definitely recommend this recipe–my bestie Janice and I made the pops and some mini treats without sticks the night before, and the morning of the shower, we drizzled them in melted Godiva white chocolate and doused them in sprinkles. They made an adorable display with shiny, Tiffany-blue gumballs from Target.

Rice Krispie rattles and decorative gumballs are super-fun, easy, and yummy shower treats!

Rice Krispie rattles and decorative gumballs are super-fun, easy, and yummy shower treats!

For decorations, we went crazy with paper lanterns in the theme colors (white, yellow, and Tiffany-blue), and created yellow and white balloon flowers for the staircase. I also made a silver “Welcome Baby C” banner, since I didn’t like any of the ones you could order. I made the letters myself, cutting them out of silver wrapping paper. Then, I cut backing out of sheets of thick drawing paper and used a glue stick (so second grade, I know!) to mount the wrapping paper letters on the drawing paper. After that, all I had to do was tape the letters to two Tiffany-blue ribbons, and we were golden.

2014-08-16_16-09-11_950 (1)

2014-08-16_16-08-53_813 (1)

We had planned quite a few shower games, and had even made favors: boxes of candy in paper towel diaper holders. We didn’t end up playing all the games, but we did bring down a white board, on which we wrote “Guess Baby C’s Gender.” Then, everyone voted “Boy,” “Girl” or “Other.” The guests voted girl by a narrow margin, so we’ll have to see. 🙂 We also bought sippy cups at the dollar store (Bonus: We can use them later on for Baby C.), and filled them with beer for a brief college-style chugging game with a couple of the guys. Funny, we thought we came up with this idea, but it was all over Pinterest!

The party lasted from 3 PM until 1:30 in the morning! After dark, we brought out glow jewelry and glow sticks, and the shower turned into an all-out party, with dance music and dress-up karaoke. It was awesome that we had some leftover chicken drumsticks and rattle pops for late-night eating!

And finally, a word about the registry. We used Amazon, and it rocks–seriously! Some guests opted to have their gifts delivered directly to our house, while others had the presents shipped to their own addresses and brought them to the shower. But regardless, everything that was ordered arrived on time and looked just like the pictures! We loved everything, so I can’t attest to the ease of returns, but the ordering and delivery processes were seamless. Also, as I mentioned in Part 1 of this blog post, Amazon has a “Thank You Note” section that makes writing thank yous so easy.

The amazing thing about the baby stuff we ordered was that it matched the decor of the party, and the items matched each other. Gender neutral stuff is so easy to find, and so cute!

Moms-to-be out there, have you had your baby shower yet? What were some of the highlights? I’d love to share in the celebration with you!


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