Time Capsules: Looking Forward to Looking Back


I have always been a huge fan of time capsules. There’s just something amazing about taking a snapshot of our lives on any given day, knowing that it will be tucked away and revealed on a later date. Time capsules lend a sense of relevance to the present day, while promising to bring back a glorious flood of memories in the future.

Recently, Antonio and I celebrated our 1-year wedding anniversary, and we opened the champagne bottle time capsule we’d made on our wedding night. A little background: At the reception, we’d placed 1-year and 10-year champagne bottle time capsules on the card table, and our friends and family had written down their anniversary wishes for us at the 1-year and 10-year anniversary marks and placed them in the respective bottles.

We had so much fun breaking open the 1-year champagne bottle and reading the wishes. Check out the video we made here. Reading everyone’s wishes brought back such a wave of nostalgia, especially coupled with the fact that we’d just returned from visiting Chicago and seeing many of our friends who had written the messages.

Here I am on our 1-year wedding anniversary in Chicago, on some friends' rooftop at golden hour!

Here I am on our 1-year wedding anniversary in Chicago, on some friends’ rooftop at golden hour!

This got me thinking about how cool it would be to create a time capsule for Baby C–nothing special or time-consuming, just something simple and fun like the champagne bottles. So, I decided to write a note to Baby C. Antonio and I plan to present the note to Baby C as soon as he or she can read.

I am now at just over 35 weeks, and Baby C could decide to come along any day! In this time of blessed anticipation and preparation, it is my wish that our note to Baby C captures the immense love that surges through both of our hearts whenever we think of our little, soon-to-be-revealed cutie. I believe that writing time-capsule notes to our babies–while we’re still pregnant–can convey the optimism and beauty that so many of us feel during our pregnancies, and I’m hoping that Baby C will cherish the note in years to come.

Preg moms out there: Have you ever thought of doing a time capsule for your baby? Has this blog post inspired you to write a note to your own soon-to-arrive little one? I’d love to hear your thoughts!



2 thoughts on “Time Capsules: Looking Forward to Looking Back

  1. Caroline L.

    That is a great idea never thought of it before, though I will be starting some sort of scrapbook soon. Still brainstorming 🙂 So I find the time capsule idea so cool and touching! By the way you look great Kristina!!

  2. Thanks, Caroline!

    A scrapbook is an awesome idea, and I know your little one will treasure it. I still have the baby book that my mom made for me back in the day. 🙂

    Best of luck to you in your last few weeks of pregnancy–such exciting times!

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