Labor Mindset: Creating a Mantra


One of my favorite parts of yoga class is when the instructor tells us to create a mantra, a word or phrase that we can repeat to ourselves to maintain focus and optimize our yoga practice. Mantras are so powerful because they’re a simple way of reminding us what we want to achieve, especially when the task at hand seems demanding or insurmountable.

I’ve started applying mantras to other areas of life as well. For example, when Antonio and I set our weekly goals together, we often create a mantra for the week. And, naturally, I have decided upon a labor mantra.

Baby C, mysterious creature that he or she is, has decided to keep us in suspense; the due date was two days ago, but he/she is still chillaxing in utero. I’m perfectly okay with Baby C extending his or her stay, since these last few days have been the optimal opportunity to finish tasks and tie up loose ends before I go into a Baby C haze. 😉 I was able to finish writing The Mermaid’s Curse, and I also revised the book all the way to the final draft, using the comments my editor had suggested. In addition, I’ve been able to keep up all my usual indie author duties, and I’ve had time to go on dates with Antonio and hang out with friends.

I really am in no hurry to go into labor, even though Baby C is sending me subtle signs that he or she is **thinking** about coming out. But when Baby C does decide to make an appearance, I feel ready, largely because I have created a labor mantra.

Creating a labor mantra will allow you to enjoy every step of the journey.

Creating a labor mantra will allow you to enjoy every step of the journey.

My mantra will be “serenity and strength.” Especially for first-time moms, the very thought of labor can be daunting, just because of its unfamiliarity combined with the horror stories we’ve heard over the years. But I feel as though our mindsets going into labor are just as important as the physical aspects. I believe that maintaining serenity during labor will enable me to trust in God and the people who will be there to help me. Although I told my doctor my preferences, I did not make a specific-to-the-last-detail birth plan because some things just can’t be controlled or planned for. In fact, most wonderful parts of life, whether weddings, relationships, or labors, deviate from the plan somewhat, and I’m fully ready for that.

I included strength in my mantra because labor is like a marathon, requiring intense physical and mental stamina. Throughout my pregnancy, I have practiced strengthening exercises, cardio, and yoga, to ensure that I’ll be in optimum preg condition for the big day. Now, all I have to do is depend on my body and let God do the rest.

Full-term moms out there, have you created a labor mantra? Did this post inspire you to do so, and if so, what will be your mantra? I’d love to hear your opinions!


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