About Me


Hi everyone! I’m Kristina Ludwig Challita, Young Adult author, blogger, and soon-to-be mom.

If you’re reading this blog, you’ve probably embarked on the wonderful, hormonal, and sometimes confusing journey of pregnancy…or maybe you’re just thinking about going there. No matter what, congrats! The gift of life is one of the greatest things you can give.

With that in mind, I decided to create a pregnancy blog about bringing positivity to our preg days… Cali style. No matter where we live, we can all take a lesson from the fun loving, laid-back, active, and outdoorsy San Diego attitude. As a fresh California girl of 8 months and counting, I hope I can bring the bright spirit of SD straight to you!

San Diego’s temperate climate makes it the perfect place to find fresh, nutritious foods, and the sunny days give San Diegans tons of energy to exercise! I love cooking healthy food, and making up my own recipes–in the “Yummy Cravings” section of my blog, I will share some of my favorite healthy recipes with you, and I’m sure you’ll be craving them soon! In the “Preg & Fit” section, I will share my favorite pregnancy exercise resources with you, as well as my own reflections on staying fit and toned throughout these 9 months and beyond.

I adore fashion, and just because we’re pregs doesn’t mean we can’t be hot (future) mamas! Looking good = feeling good, and we have to feel great in our skin! The “Prego Fashionista” section will include fun preg fashion trends I’ve spotted, as well as ways I’ve found to incorporate chic, hot looks into our pregnancy wardrobes.

I’m also excited to bring my healthcare background to this blog–I earned a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the University of Pittsburgh, and practiced pharmacy for 6 years before retiring to focus full-time on my passion of writing. Because of this, I plan to bring my healthcare know-how into some blog posts in the “Healthy Pregnancy Tips” section, so this blog will really be an exercise of the prego mind, body, and spirit!

And of course, we all have our funny pregnancy stories about mood swings and other oddities. My husband Antonio cracks up at some of the things I say when my hormones are raging, and even keeps a section in his journal titled, “Random Preg Observations.” Naturally, I have to include a “Hormonal Hilarity” section on the blog, where I will share some of my funniest and most random pregnancy stories and encourage you to do the same.

I hope reading this blog will keep you feeling energized and happy throughout your 9 months. Enjoy!


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