18 Random Pieces of Toddler Magic


It’s been a while since I’ve blogged here, mostly because the whirl of mom-life is like a vortex that sucks me in. Every day is so full of Zaza that everything else takes a backseat–and I wouldn’t have it any other way! Life as a parent is packed–not only with to-do lists and errands, but with golden memories that happen in a minute, but will last a lifetime.


With that in mind, here are 18 random moments of toddler magic that bring a smile to my face on a rainy day–literally or figuratively.

  1. Stroking her soft rosebud skin and silky ringlets as we snuggle and nurse.
  2. Waking up next to her every morning and asking her what she dreamed about.
  3. Indulging her curious mind by answering her many questions. (Her current favorite, “What is this?”)
  4. Her pure, sweet laughter as I push her higher and higher on the swing or spin her around in circles when we dance.
  5. The surprisingly tight grip of her little arms as she squeezes me in a loving hug.
  6. The feeling of her tiny hand in mine as we navigate life’s adventures together.
  7. Inhaling the earthy, mammal-y musk of her hair after a long day of playing outside.
  8. The way she closes her eyes and says, “That’s delightful,” when eating her favorite foods.
  9. Letting the sand exfoliate my feet the natural way as I chase her through the sandbox and climbing frames at the playground.
  10. Seeing her eyes glow with delight when she interacts with animals, whether at the zoo or with random dogs at the park.
  11. Joining her in a state of toddler zen when she basks in the sun and plays in the sand at the beach.
  12. Wondering what she’s dreaming about when she smiles or giggles in her sleep.
  13. The high, sweet tones of her voice as she hums and sings around the house.
  14. Her enthusiasm and eagerness to help with ordinary household chores like cooking, vacuuming, and dusting.
  15. The way that she makes even mundane things like going to the car wash into super fun and exciting events.
  16. The funny and random things she says sometimes, i.e. “I’m going to Central Africa,” and “Milk is my superfood,” and “I like to wake up next to you.”
  17. Getting lost in a good book with her—and listening to her “read” her books from memory when she doesn’t know I’m watching.
  18. And finally, my favorite: The soft touch of her little fingers as she strokes my face and says, “I love everything about you, Mum-mum.”

Parents out there, I hope these made you smile. What are some of your favorite magic moments with your little one? I’d love to hear them!


Preg and the Sea: Benefits of Beaching it During Pregnancy


I’ve had a lifelong love of the beach, which is why the San Diego area is the absolute perfect place for me! Antonio and I frequently walk on the beach to meditate, frolic in the waves, or just enjoy the sunshine and salty air. We usually beach it on the weekends, but last Thursday we had an evening beach-date, which recharged me and left me exhilarated for the remainder of the work week.

Meditating during last week's "beach-date"

Drinking in the view during last week’s “beach-date”

I looove the beach for its calming effects, its natural beauty, and its health benefits, and I think it’s the absolute perfect place for us pregs to hang out for a little R & R. Here are 5 benefits of beaching it during pregnancy–and really any time!

  1. It has cleansing properties – No doubt about it; that tangy, salt air is ah-mazing for your skin–all the better to enhance that famous pregnancy glow. 🙂 And if you’re feeling a bit sluggish, there’s nothing more energizing than taking a deep, cleansing breath of ocean air. In addition, salt water is a natural astringent that has been said to speed wound healing and exhibit anti-acne and anti-inflammatory properties. The sand is great for your skin, too, with its natural exfoliating properties.
  2. It’s the perfect place to meditate – Sometimes, we just need to get away from it all, and what better place than the beach? The glimmering waters, brilliant blue skies, and golden sand provide the perfect backdrop to sit back, relax, and reflect on everything we have to be grateful for, as well as to set goals for our bright futures.
  3. It provides exercise opps – The beach is the perfect place to be active, regardless of your trimester. Swimming (in calm waves, of course) imparts that delightful feeling of weightlessness, and is a great way to combine cardio with subtle toning. Walking or jogging provides a work-out that is so different than walking or jogging on solid ground; the sand works wonders for your legs, especially your calves, and also stabilizes your core. And yoga on the beach allows you to commune with your inner self as well as your baby, and stay toned, all at once!
  4. It provides bonding time – The cliched “long walk on the beach” gives you quality couples time, and allows you to discuss your hopes, dreams, and plans, or simply to enjoy a companionable silence.
  5. It boosts creativity and mood – Something about the beach is so inspirational, don’t you think? During our beach-date, I thought up most of the storyline of the new YA mermaid fantasy novel I’ll be writing soon. And the environment, combined with the exercise and the sunshine, jacks up your seratonin and endorphins, boosting your mood and helping you to combat the preg blahs.
Preparing to frolic in the waves

Preparing to frolic in the waves

Is it any wonder that Baby C and his/her parents love the sea? Mommies-to-be out there, do you enjoy the beach even more now that you’re pregnant? I’d love to hear your thoughts!