5 Awesome and Entertaining Baby Rhymes!


Xaviana and I adore Baby Rhyme Time at the Dove Library. For 20 minutes each week, the small group of moms and babies stretches out on a comfy blanket as the friendly librarian and her cuddly teddy bear read, sing, and introduce new rhymes. Each session has a theme, such as letter knowledge, vocabulary, or phonological awareness, and repetition is emphasized, especially during the songs.

Here are 5 of our favorite rhymes–with engaging hand movements! They’re perfect for the changing table, car trips, or any time you want to hear your baby giggle.

Looks like someone was pretty absorbed in the stories and rhymes!

Looks like someone was pretty absorbed in the stories and rhymes!

Dancing Fingers

Fingers are up. (Wiggle fingers, pointing upward.)

Fingers are down. (Wiggle fingers, pointing downward.)

Fingers are dancing (Make fingers appear to dance.

All over town. (Scamper fingers across baby’s tummy.)

What is Your Name?

What is your name? (Point to child.)

I just want to know. (Point to yourself.)

Your name is _____. (Say the child’s name.)

Hello, hello, hello! (Wave to the child.)

Mr. Snail

Sliding, sliding up the branch.

Moving towards the sun.

As Mr. Snail goes by a flower,

He stops to kiss each one. (Kiss baby from head to toe.)

Slowly, Slowly

(Walk hand slowly up baby’s tummy.)

Slowly, slowly, very slowly

Creeps the garden snail.

Slowly, slowly, very slowly

Up the wooden rail.

(Tickle baby throughout the second verse.)

Quickly, quickly, very quickly

Runs the little mouse.

Quickly, quickly, very quickly

All around the house.

Blow, Wind, Blow

See the trees move (Move your arm back and forth.)

To and fro.

See the trees move.

Blow, wind, blow. (Gently blow on child’s tummy or face.)

Do you and your baby enjoy rhymes? If so, what are your favorites? I’d love to hear some new and original ones!